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Baby Shoes and Bronzing

Babyhood lasts for such a short time, and many parents are surprised by how quickly it passes. The rate of growth in babies and infants is astonishing, and these little needy creatures fast become independent busy souls who toddle around and delight their families. To commemorate the various steps of a baby’s life, many people keep baby books, photo albums, and may store a few precious things away as visible reminders of the baby that once was. Among these baby keepsakes are bronze baby shoes.

Bronze baby shoes first became popular in the early 20th century, and have gone in and out of style since. Bronzing is the act of applying metal coating to objects in order to render them permanent, and there are many companies that offer this application so parents can keep baby shoes forever and/or use them as decoration. Usually both shoes are bronzed together and shoe selection may be the first shoes worn by the baby or the first shoes in which the baby walked.

I am curating a beautiful pair of bronze baby shoe bookends:
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