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Country Living featuring Just the Good Stuff!!

Link to How to Host the Cutest Book Club

In an adorable article featured online at, Just the Good Stuff is featured! Check out How to Host the Cutest Book Club Ever. My friends at the Little Yellow Couch put together a wonderful thematic party and didn't leave a detail out, including Vintage Eyeglasses:

"Also on hand? Vintage-style eyeglasses, because even guests with 20/20 vision like to add a little cat-eye glamour to their getup. Find similar styles via Just The Good Stuff on Etsy."

I would like to thank Zandra and Karen June for including my little store and make sure you check out their website The Little Yellow Couch.


The Amazing Journey of a Vintage Pair of Frames

It really is amazing the journey the eyeglass frames curated in Just the Good Stuff  can make. A beautiful pair was sold in December 2013 and shipped to the UK. Below are pictures of the original listing.

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I received a wonderful note from Rachael, the new owner, that she would be wearing them during a performance of the Hot Mikado.

The production premiered in March of 2014 and it looked fantastic! Rachael is wearing the pretty pink dress. The eyeglasses fit her character and face perfectly. Enjoy the wonderful pictures from the production.

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An amazing journey, a wonderful new owner, and an exciting update. I would like to send a personal thank you to Rachael for sending the beautiful pictures and best wishes on her acting future.


The Official Just the Good Stuff Commercial

Here it is! The amazing, fantastic, wonderful Just the Good Stuff Commercial! I would like to thank Taryn Hough for her vision, expertise, and talent - without her, this commercial would have never been created.

Update: Watch for our commercial on the 'Reel TV' Network


Check out this amazing blog!!!

Brittany does a wonderful job seeking out unique items, stores, and people. She gives every post her own personal spin, that gives you introspective into her bubbly personality. Check out her review of Just the Good Stuff and the beautiful pictures taken of her wearing one of our most popular vintage eyeglass frames.

Pittsburgh Glamour
Say hi when you drop by her blog!!


Cat Eye Glasses

Cat Eye Glasses are a form of women's eye-wear. They are horn-rimmed glasses with flared outer edges where the arms join the frame. They were mainly popular in the 1950s and 1960s among fashionable women and are usually associated with the Beehive hairstyle. They preceded the large bug-eye glasses of the '70s, '80s and '90s. Notable wearers of cat eye glasses were: Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Windsor, Dinah Manoff, Lisa Loeb, Samantha Arsenault, Mary Whitehouse, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Amy Lame, and Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage, amongst others. (source Wikipedia)

Cat Eye Glasses I am curating in my store:


Check out this amazing blog!!

One of my amazing customers posts in a delightful blog called:

Eat the blog

It is witty, fun, and I love the way her mind works!

She recently commented on a pair of frames she purchased from Just the Good Stuff. Check out her post and you can see how wonderful vintage frames look when new lenses are fitted


original photo of frames she purchased


Happy Holidays!!!

This is the perfect little short on how silly our Christmas songs are. Enjoy!!


Amazon is going to use drones, can it beat Just the Good Stuff's instant transporter?

I know that Jeff at Amazon must be getting a little worried about Just the Good Stuff's new delivery method so he pulled the old, we are going to use drones trick. Of course he can attempt to compete with our recent announcement but while we offer immediate delivery through a transporter (similar to the Star Trek method) he just drones on about drones. Nice try Amazon but call us when you make it into the 22nd century!!
Check out our new delivery systems we will have in place in 2 years
 We are still in the testing phase but when all of the kinks are worked out you will have your orders instantly!


Just the Good Stuff items featured on Style Movtivation!!!

Now that your Black Friday shopping trips to Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are done (yay!), check out Style Motivation dot com (link) for decorating ideas and to see some of "Just the Good Stuff 's" Christmas items featured!!

From the website:

"Christmas is racing on it’s way to us and it is time to look for decorations for your home which won’t be so casual and boring.
If you want your decorations to look different than anyone else’s, why don’t you look for something with history, such as a vintage item?

We’ve found and made an awesome collection of 15 exquisite vintage Christmas decorations for you. These good looking Christmas decorations have some history, most of them are older than you!

Take a look at this collection and tell us what you think about the way Christmas decorating was done before."


It is time for some Cyber Shopping!! Check out one of the featured items at Just the Good Stuff (link)

Check out one of the featured items Snoopy Linked

Style Motivation is a super fun lifestyle website that deserves to be bookmarked!!


Thanksgiving, that awkward time of year.....

Oh Thanksgiving, such a funny holiday full of weird traditions. Family members forced to spend the day together...eating, watching football, and making small talk. Thanksgiving is a holiday that seems to have never found it's place and has just become a bookmark for black Friday...which is now cyber Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and stand in line at 6 pm on Thursday.

From early 20th Century Cards.... the Macy's day parade in the 1930s... sexy Thanksgiving poses of the 1950s...

.....Snoopy and Charlie Brown in the 1970s.... Mr. Beans battle with the Goose in the 1990s...

21st Century Pie sums it up best......Help!!!!!!!


Old Las Vegas

When I was a kid, my family would take road trips to see our relatives in Nebraska and Montana. These were long drives in the station wagon from California, the trips were always during summer vacation, and we didn't have air conditioning. The visits themselves were always about eating, 'visiting', and adult conversations that sent me to bed early. I can't say I enjoyed any of it but there was one highlight.

Every year we would leave California through Las Vegas! The strip, the lights, the fancy ladies in the lobbies (which I later found out were hookers), being rushed through the casino because I was a minor, that was exciting..Back then Las Vegas was glamorous but still had a casual and sometimes cowboy feel to it. It wasn't unusual to see someone in a cowboy hat as I passed through the casino. When I would have dinner in the casino coffee shop at night (always with my mom, my dad was nowhere to be found) I would see showgirls and showboys on a break between shows in their full make-up. It was hard for me not to stare at how beautiful they were.

As I was going through some old family photos I found a couple shots we took. These were off the balcony of the Dunes hotel (which is where the Bellagio is today)

 This is a view of the strip facing north
That is The Flamingo to the right
This is a view of the strip facing south (check out the price of gas!)
Both photos were taken about 1965

This is hanging out at the pool at the Riveria 
Photo was taken in the late 60s or early 70s

I remember in the early 70s seeing Nancy Sinatra with the Muppets (how random is that?!?!). It was a great show with her and her husband at the International Hotel (it later became the Hilton and now it is???). She sang and danced with many of the muppet characters. Here is a little clipping I found online of the show.

To read more about Jim Henson and the show check out

I didn't realize until I became an adult that you could leave the state of California without going through Las Vegas. As a tourist we would always take the little soaps with us from our hotel rooms as a souvenir. After going to lots of estate sales I can tell you, with out a doubt, other visitors loved to take home match books, postcards, towels, and ashtrays. I could not resist curating for Just the Good Stuff this set of glass ashtrays from Las Vegas hotels:

Check out my little store Just the Good Stuff for additional fun, kitschy items!!


Amazing Holiday Advertising

I love to look at old advertising memorabilia. It is nostalgic to see how we were in the 1930s and 40s, and how we really haven't changed. Celebrity, glamor, and subliminal acceptance was as prevalent then as it is now. What caught my interest recently was the use of Santa Claus to sell tobacco products. It really is amazing that something we consider today as banned, restrictive, and/or unhealthy, used the symbol of a major holiday as it's shill.

Celebrities were in on the holiday promotion of cigarettes also

 It is so interesting that in a little over 50 years we have changed our focus to this.....

Another ban by the 'surgeon general' in 2018

Posting on the Blog and the Snoopy Dilemma

Every blogger has been where Snoopy is and we can relate to his dilemma. I am not a huge fan of doing the mundane things - grocery shopping, cleaning the house, laundry, paying bills, clipping toenails, etc. I will find myself avoiding "THE BLOG" to do routine stuff. Creativity is not a switch we can turn off and on but we all have goals that good productive folks must meet. Personally, I like my head to hit the pillow at night and not stare at the ceiling. Let me share my kick start routine:

  1. Drink a Coke Zero
  2. Open the blinds
  3. Check my email, look for important messages
  4. Open a window, fresh air helps clear the mind
  5. Close the window, neighbor's dog will not shut up!!
  6. Go to the bathroom, I knew I should have skipped the Coke Zero
  7. Check my email, read interesting junk messages
  8. Check Facebook, click 'like'
  9. Look for car keys
  10. Log into Blogger
  11. Open 'New Post'
  12. Stare at blank page
  13. ..........


Ugly Christmas Sweater or Under-Appreciated Art?

What started out as an 'ironic' hipster fad has turned into an appealing hobby. The Ugly Christmas Sweater has no clear roots, but it is rumored to have started with:

1) The Cosby Show sweater (I don't agree with this theory - more likely guilty by association)
2) Colin Firth in Bridget Jones diary and Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (once again, I can't agree with this theory. Having the main male character in a movie wear a Christmas Sweater did not start a new Christmas Tradition - though Colin Firth can pull off anything he wears!)
3) Canadians looking for an excuse to have a party (more likely the origin because it can get really cold and boring in Canada and any excuse to drink - eh)

Whatever the original source is of this NEW 21st Century Holiday Tradition the Ugly Christmas Sweater is here to stay. Shoppers for Christmas Sweaters are appreciating the time, effort, and design skills that go into  creating a piece of wearable art. It is just a matter of time before we see Project Runway rip off the Christmas Sweater trend with a challenge that will donate the proceeds to charity and have a full page photo shoot in Marie Clare Magazine.
(I don't count the Rockettes Costume Challenge...that was just another excuse for Heidi to show off her legs....again)

If you feel your holiday spirit swelling and are looking for this years Christmas Sweater (because you really need a new one every year!!) check out some of the fantastic pieces I am curating at Just the Good Stuff:

To view this Holiday Collection click on Just the Good Stuff!