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Just the Good Stuff items featured on Style Movtivation!!!

Now that your Black Friday shopping trips to Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are done (yay!), check out Style Motivation dot com (link) for decorating ideas and to see some of "Just the Good Stuff 's" Christmas items featured!!

From the website:

"Christmas is racing on it’s way to us and it is time to look for decorations for your home which won’t be so casual and boring.
If you want your decorations to look different than anyone else’s, why don’t you look for something with history, such as a vintage item?

We’ve found and made an awesome collection of 15 exquisite vintage Christmas decorations for you. These good looking Christmas decorations have some history, most of them are older than you!

Take a look at this collection and tell us what you think about the way Christmas decorating was done before."


It is time for some Cyber Shopping!! Check out one of the featured items at Just the Good Stuff (link)

Check out one of the featured items Snoopy Linked

Style Motivation is a super fun lifestyle website that deserves to be bookmarked!!

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