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Ugly Christmas Sweater or Under-Appreciated Art?

What started out as an 'ironic' hipster fad has turned into an appealing hobby. The Ugly Christmas Sweater has no clear roots, but it is rumored to have started with:

1) The Cosby Show sweater (I don't agree with this theory - more likely guilty by association)
2) Colin Firth in Bridget Jones diary and Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (once again, I can't agree with this theory. Having the main male character in a movie wear a Christmas Sweater did not start a new Christmas Tradition - though Colin Firth can pull off anything he wears!)
3) Canadians looking for an excuse to have a party (more likely the origin because it can get really cold and boring in Canada and any excuse to drink - eh)

Whatever the original source is of this NEW 21st Century Holiday Tradition the Ugly Christmas Sweater is here to stay. Shoppers for Christmas Sweaters are appreciating the time, effort, and design skills that go into  creating a piece of wearable art. It is just a matter of time before we see Project Runway rip off the Christmas Sweater trend with a challenge that will donate the proceeds to charity and have a full page photo shoot in Marie Clare Magazine.
(I don't count the Rockettes Costume Challenge...that was just another excuse for Heidi to show off her legs....again)

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