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Why did every home have resin Grapes? Thank you Dick Van Dyke

I loved the Dick Van Dyke show! As a kid I watched it in reruns during the day on summer vacation. I also had a little crush on Dick after seeing him in Mary Poppins. Well I never realized he (actually his set designers) started the resin grape fad!! Check out this screen capture I got from the 3 episode of the show:
That is a scene with Dick in the kitchen and the grapes are on the second shelf.. How random is that? Everyone's parents and grandparents had these things laying around in bunches or hanging on the wall. A few fancy people even made pendant lights out of them. You didn't have a 1960s pad, unless you have resin grapes!

To have your own Mid Century Modern vibe I am curating resin grapes in my store. The sets I have are mounted on fabric (a burlap like nap) and have wooden frames.I was recently at an estate sale and came across an estate where the owner collected them. I purchased all of the wall hangings - they are so unique and amazing. I have kept many of them for myself but I am curating a few in my shop.

 I kept one of the plaques for my house (they are so beautiful!) and below is a photo of my wall hanging that is in my living room. It is between the TV and a floor lamp - when the lamp is lit at night, the light shines through the grapes (so pretty). I took the plaque out of the wooden frame, which is not hard to do, and placed it in a black metal frame. To shine up the individual grapes, I used a little lemon furniture polish - they shined up well.

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