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Posting on the Blog and the Snoopy Dilemma

Every blogger has been where Snoopy is and we can relate to his dilemma. I am not a huge fan of doing the mundane things - grocery shopping, cleaning the house, laundry, paying bills, clipping toenails, etc. I will find myself avoiding "THE BLOG" to do routine stuff. Creativity is not a switch we can turn off and on but we all have goals that good productive folks must meet. Personally, I like my head to hit the pillow at night and not stare at the ceiling. Let me share my kick start routine:

  1. Drink a Coke Zero
  2. Open the blinds
  3. Check my email, look for important messages
  4. Open a window, fresh air helps clear the mind
  5. Close the window, neighbor's dog will not shut up!!
  6. Go to the bathroom, I knew I should have skipped the Coke Zero
  7. Check my email, read interesting junk messages
  8. Check Facebook, click 'like'
  9. Look for car keys
  10. Log into Blogger
  11. Open 'New Post'
  12. Stare at blank page
  13. ..........

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