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Winfield Pottery

Winfield Pottery was founded in Pasadena in 1929 by Leslie Winfield Sample. With just one kiln he produced a line of distinctive art pottery and in the evenings ran the "School of Clayworking." In 1935 Winfield Pottery moved to a larger Pasadena facility and designer Margaret Mears Gabriel joined the company. Square-shaped dinnerware, the first made in California, was unveiled in 1937, as was the bamboo embellishments the company became known for.

A Platter and Divided Bowl I am curating in my Etsy store

Leslie Sample died in 1939 and Gabriel and her husband took over operations of Winfield Pottery. They opened a new larger Pasadena plant in 1941 and added more dinnerware patterns. Following World War II the Gabriel's faced a huge backlog of orders, so licensed the "Winfield China" name to American Ceramic Products of Santa Monica, while marking their Pasadena production as "Gabriel Porcelain."Production of Winfield China remained high through the forties and early fifties, but after imported china reappeared on the market business slowed. The Pasadena plant was closed in 1962. Some dinnerware marked Winfield was still produced in Santa Monica until that plant closed in 1967.

Lot of 7 pieces (includes Larger Platter, Creamer, Sugar Bowl, etc.) I am curating in my store

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